What you should know about cancer


As the body needs them to function daily the trillions of cells it’s made of grow and divide In a healthy body.these type of cell have a specific life cycle which has a dying and reproducing off in a way that is determined by the type of cell. damaged cells die and New cells take the place of in the place of old cells.cancer is caused by changes or mutations in DNA and it also disrupts a dying and reproducing cells and leads to abnormal growth in cells.

what functions to perform and how to grow and divide is the instructions given by the cells. DNA also exits in each and every single cell.all tumors are not cancerous. some of them such as Benign tumors are noncancerous.and they also do not spread to nearby tissues. these type of tissues cause problems when they press against neighbouring organs and tissue.Sometimes, they can also grow large.

there are different types of cancer:

cancer spreads to other parts of the body. the type of cell and the area in which they begin are that cancers are made of.

Carcinoma is a type of cancer which starts in the skin or the tissues that line other organs.

Leukemia is a type of cancer which occurs in the bone marrow, which creates blood cells.

connective tissues such as bones, muscles, cartilage, and blood vessels is a type of cancer called Sarcoma.

treatments of cancer:

cancer causes changes (or mutations) to the DNA in your cells. as a result of environmental forces they can also occur after birth.

The direct cause of cancer can also be Genetic mutations

there should not be exposure to radiation

carcinogens a cancer causing chemicals should not be exposed directly

no excessive smoking

there should not unprotected exposure to sun.

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