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Have you ever wondered why people prefer organic food over non-organic food? organic food is different form other. Organic food is grown and processed differently from non-organic food.

What is organic food?

Organic food is different from other regular food.organic food is grown without any pesticides or other chemicals. well an organic food does not have any added preservatives or artificial colors. non-organic food contains preservatives, MSG, artificial colors and many more.

Organic farming is done without any chemicals or pesticides. They tend to grow crops (organic crops) using natural fertilizers which is not harmful. animals which give organic food such as eggs are also raised organically that means they are not given any antibodies or harmones.

Everyone must have seen organic food packed in retail shops. the most common organic foods which are purchased by people includes fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and also meat. processed organic products includes cookies, sodas and also breakfast cereals.

Why should we eat organic food?

Overall studies have found that organic food are more packed with nutrients as compared to non-organic food. organic food is more likely because it is handled more like naturally and also processed naturally. however, surveys and various studies have found food which is grown organically or products which are processed organically are more nutricious and packed with more nutrients.

Here are some benefits of organic food:

  • organically grown crops have more antioxidants and vitamins as compared to non-organically grown crops. an organically grown crops have 69% more antioxidants levels as per studies. also has higher amount of vitamin C.
  • organically grown crops have much lower nitrate levels. studeis have found that a crop which is grown organically has 30% lower nitrate levels as compared to non-organic food.
  • organic dairy and meat contains more favourable fatty acids. studies have found that organic dairy products have Omega 3 fatty acids which is good for health. it also contains higher amounts of iron,vitamin E.





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