What causes lung cancer and what are the symptoms






The cause of lung cancer is due to certain risk factor of the body. There are certain factors which causes cell to be cancerous. These cells are cancerous due to lots of factors such as smoking, severe exposure to air pollution, genetics.

Is smoking the only reason of lung cancer?

studies how that the main reason of lung cancer is due to smoking cigarette in both men and women. in olden days lung cancer was rarely found. smoking is drastically increased in modern days so did lung cancer as buying cigarettes was relatively easy.according to a survey, out of 100 ,90% people has lung cancer due to smoking cigarettes and the other 10% were due to toxins,pollution and other conditions.

One cigarette contains 70% of cancer causing chemicals (carcinogens). carcinogens is very fatal to lungs. some of them contains

  • an insecticide (arsenic)
  • highly poisonous metal like lead
  • a battery component (cadmium)
  • a gasoline addictive which is benzene

cigarette smokes have particular tobbacco specific TSNAs and are heavy on these addictives which are considered cancerous.

What are the symtoms of lung cancer:

  • cough (chronic or recurring)
  • chest pain
  • short on breath ,heavy breathing
  • weight loss
  • blood while coughing

How we can detect lung cancer apart from these symptoms:

  • physical examination of the body:

if a person have the above symptoms then he/she should get himself/herself checked up. a full physical examination will determine whether what condition the body is in. also it is very helpful to get checked up early.the other early signs of lung cancer are sweating,dilated neck veins and also face swelling.

  • an examination of cytology:

an examination of sputum cytology is a microscopic examination where a patients mucus is examined under microscope.

  • Spiral CT examination:

spinal CT examination is a type where a person’s internal body workings are examined. the detailed images are taken where through relevant part and through X-ray machine a 3D image is created where the person’s body is examined.


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