How yoga changes your lifestyle


Yoga is a type of physical activity which gives varies benefits including mental benefits. Yoga is very popular in today’s generation also. it doesn’t matter where you are practising yoga whether in your bedroom or outside in nature on a mat. It gives you physical and mental strength. there are many style and postures for yoga depending on what you want. yoga includes pranayamas,asanas,savasana and many more. Including yoga in your daily routine for just 15 minutes will lead to a healthier and stress free lifestyle.

Here are some of the benefits of “Yoga”

A better body:

Yoga develops a body which improves inner abilities. yoga focuses on your body’s inner strength. also develops breath of your mind which is essential. according to the surveys, people who do yoga daily have a clear and better image of their body and were more aware of their body. these people were more satisfied, positive and less critical of their body. yoga promotes positive attitude towards their body and positive attitude towards their mind. it becomes an integral part where their self-esteem is boosted through yoga.

Helps in your eating disorder:

yoga is not only benefitted for body but also is helps you becoming a mindfull eater. yoga helps you gain attention towards what is your daily eating lifestyle. it creates awareness about how and what you’re eating. here are some examples:

  1. eating when stressed.
  2.  having food even when you’re full.
  3. eating in response to smell or environmental cues.
  4. getting distracted by things and eating.

weight loss and maintain your body:

practising yoga just for 15-20 minutes daily will give your body a good posture. researchers have found that practising yoga daily or twice a week will give a good muscle strength and flexibility. people who practised yoga have a improved and lowerr body mass (BMIs), according to a survey.

Gives cardiovascular benefits:

yoga helps to control blood pressure and hypertension. various studies have found that yoga has a positive effect on a cardiovascular risk. it keeps your heart also have helped lowered your sugar levels in your body which leads to diabities and many other diseases.

practising yoga helps in bringing calm and peace in your life. make sure to practise it at least twice a week.




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