how to eat healthy without disturbing your daily routine


Eating healthy is simple, easy and affordable. if you’re making smart decisions in your life then eating healthy should be one of them but with a overall diet plans.

A healthy diet can help you with lots of things such as prevent various diseases. a well planned diet is very essential for your health it can reduce heart disease,maintain body shape and many more. the good news is you don’t have to give up all the food which you were already eating but have to rather plan the cuisine which you’re going to eat.

Here are some tips which can help you with choosing the type of food you can eat:

tip number 1:


  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • whole wheat breads and tortillas
  • whole grain
  • beans and legumes
  • nuts and seeds
  • plant based proteins
  • fish which contain omega 3 fatty acids preferable
  • poultry animals proteins

tip number 2:

which foods to avoid:

  • avoid foods which has trans fat mainly and hydrogenated oils. mainly fast food sweetened drinks like cola.

tip number 3:

which foods to limit:

  • Saturated fat and dietary cholesterol
  • too much sweetened drinks
  • full fat dairy products
  • fatty, processed red meat
  • oils such as coconut oil and palm oil
  • sodium and salty foods
  • refined flour and carbohydrates and processed grains

learn how to keep a track of what you’re eating on a daily base.also cook and eat at home. it is not very hard to choose the type of food which you want to eat and also limit the food you want to eat. choose organic food over non-organic food which is more important in your daily lifestyle. don’t give any excuses to plan your meal which is the most important factor of eating healthy. control yourself while eating fast food. grains which is very essential for being healthy should be a part of your meals, include brown rice, whole wheat bread or tortillas. there are lots of options where you can choose being healthy and eating healthy.


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