असम में बाढ़: ब्रह्मपुत्र नदी खतरे के निशान से ऊपर बह रही है, लगभग 85 लोगों की जान चली गई


The flood situation in Assam is getting worse day by day as it has washed out 28 of the 30 districts of the state. According to current estimates, the situation in Assam is more critical than in the previous year due to floods.
Authorities have set up 748 relief camps in 24 districts, where 49,313 people have taken shelter. There are 3,218 villages in 28 districts of Assam and about 39,79,563 people affected in the areas.
While the flood situation in Assam remains critical with most of the rivers including the Brahmaputra flowing well above the danger mark. The water level of Barak river flowing through Cachar district in the state has also been increasing in recent times.
An official of the Central War Commission told ANI, “The situation is under control, however, further rains may cause flood-like conditions in the area.” Currently, the water is below the danger level.
Meanwhile, an employee of the state’s water resources department explained in detail about the current situation in the area and said that there has been no news of river water flooding in the district if rain water enters the Barak River. So the situation may get worse.
“Water from Mizoram and other places above enters the Barak River. The situation may worsen if more water enters the river. We are working with the Central Water Commission on the inputs that we are receiving. Deborato Roy, an employee of the state water resources department, said, “We are trying our best to fulfill our duties even during the Kovid-19 phase.
He further stated that, “The water level at Annapurna Ghat had risen about 30 cm above the danger level two-three days ago, but now it has risen again and is below the danger level. The water in the Barak River is currently about one meter below the danger level. We are fully prepared for any challenge to increase the water level in the river, “At
least 84 people have died in Kaziranga National Park due to heavy floods in Assam on Sunday, including about 108 animals including nine rhinos. Has died

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