Eating healthy should be very essential for both youth and adults. taking in healthy cuisine should be a daily routine, packed with nutrients and vitamins will lead to to a healthy and stress-free life ahead.

Here are 8 quick tips on how you can live a healthy lifestyle:

1.Include fruits and vegetables:

there should be a variety of fruits in your daily meal.fruits including black,blue or red berries, green vegetables like kale. spinach, include canned 100% real fruit juices or fresh fruit juice preferable.

2. Pack you meal with grains:

variety of grains gives you energy such as oatmeal,bread,tortillas etc. make sure you eat whole grain food or whole wheat foods and brown rice.

3. Maximize nutrients in your food:

Maximizing nutrients in your food will give you a boost in your life style. include food such as whole grain wheat, fruits and vegetables, eat less sugars and sodium(salt).

4. Choose dairy products: 

Dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt, low fat milk, beverages like soy-milk helps us to maintain strong and healhty lifestyle and also builds strong bones which is essential for every human being.

5. Include plant based protien in your food:

There should be a variety of plant based protien in your food. include beans such as kidney beans, peas, white beans,chickpeas,hummus in your food. these all are packed with protiens.

6. Try balancing your meals:

With each meal you will be a building several blocks which will lead to a healthy lifestyle. With a balanced meal packed with proper amount of vitamins, protients in your daily meal will help you stay fit and healthy.

7. Stay hydrated:

You must have heard drinking 2-3 litres of water daily to stay hydrated. yes, it should be a lifestyle! try using a reusable water bottle and stay away from sugary drinks.

8.  Know what you’re eating:

With each and every day without knowing what you’re eating is a waste because the meals are not giving proper nutrients for your body which is needed. knowing your plate before eating is very essential in your daily routine. include whole grain bread and 100% fruit juice for breakfast, choose grains or green vegetables and tortillas for lunch and choose non- vegetarian items such as chicken, mutton for dinner.



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